Your Page Title

Your Page Title

Your title tag is perhaps the most important element that determines your placement in search results. Your title tag is the bold blue title that shows up in search results. Below it is a description of your business. Both elements can be customized by you. The title should contain a the search terms most used by consumers to find businesses such as yours. The description is best used as a call to action, giving consumers a compelling reason to click on your link.

You should think about your tag carefully. Perform extensive keyword research to find out what search terms are both popular and profitable for you; however, Google can still override your description and insert their own version. It does this at times, occasionally with negative consequences as shown in the provided in this Search Engine Land link. So if you check your title tag and it shows differently, just know that Google has determined that its version is a better representation of your website, even though this may not be true. unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it.

If Google’s version is clearly a mistake, the only solution will be to add more content to your page that uses words that better describe your preferred title. Other than, there is not much else you can do. ¬†Good luck.

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