Want good web results? Think content.

Want good web results? Think content.

One of the essential elements of getting your website to rank well in the search engines is to provide good quality content. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo! love good content. It is in their interest that the Internet remains a place where people can go to get the answers they are looking for. If everything on the Internet was a sales pitch or scam, then users would lose faith in the legitimacy of the Web. This would result in less usage and less money for the search engines.

Google, owning over 80% of search engine market share, is not about to let that happen. Therefore, the search engines have imbedded in there algorithms criteria that helps them to determine if a website has relevant content. Google sends out crawlers that inspect websites periodically to make sure their content is relevant. The more relevant the content, the higher it will rank.

Let me give you an example of what I mean. If you have a title on your site that promotes your hotel, your site better offer some tips and information the hotel if you want it to rank well in the teeth whitening niche. If your landing page is nothing more than an advertisement, do not expect to find it a Google search. Try giving some free tips on your site – provide something of value to your customers. Google loves this. Not only will it help your site to rank higher, but it will keep the visitor on your site longer – perhaps long enough to make a reservation.

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