Our Story

Dino Maiolo first began marketing for Fortune 500 companies in 1993, but it wasn’t until 2009 when he started Web Domination, a digital marketing company to help businesses take advantage of the great opportunities to promote themselves online. He always believed the fundamental mistake most web consultants made was to promote top ranking in search results for websites. “We’ll get your site to the top of Google” was the juvenile pitch heard across the web.

Dino believes that promoting a client’s website in search results is certainly an important first step, but the web provides so much more opportunity. Your website is a great, and probably under-utilized, marketing tool, but so is your profile on Trip Advisor, Yelp, Google Maps, Facebook, Linked In, You Tube and more. All your web properties should be tied together to establish you as the leader in your market niche. Travel and tourism businesses should be expanding their online footprint by building links and profiles in travel forums and sources across the web. Popular bloggers and journalists should be writing about your business and you should be engaging consumers in those forums.

As Web Domination became more and more popular among travel related clients, Dino decided to focus his consulting business on the travel industry and changed the name and website to Trip’n Promotions. Trip’n Promotions still maintains a few clients outside the travel industry, but most clients are related to visitor attractions, accommodations, travel, tourism and the leisure business.

Trip’n Promotions has clients across the globe. Some market just to local travel consumers while others engage travelers anywhere in the world.

Dino is a certified Google Adwords consultant. Pay Per Click can be a huge source of traffic and sales when used correctly. Many businesses fail with Adwords because they do not use it correctly. It’s a complicated resource because it allows the user to refine their campaigns on a granular level unmatched with any other Pay Per Click service. Ask us how an Adwords campaign can drive more consumers to your business.


Adwords Certification, DIno Maiolo

Our Clients

Since our consulting services tend to be high end, we provide plenty of free tips on our blog that help keep both small and large businesses up to date on the latest travel related digital marketing ideas. We also provide free ebooks and tools from time to time as well.